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Questions from Kids Answered by Ann:

Rashida R. (19)
Are you planning anything special for the 20th anniversary of Kristy's Great Idea?

Kristy's Great Idea will be published as a graphic novel in 2006.

Kristen G. (11)
In your fast facts you said you were a teacher. Was your class like the class in the babysitters little sister?

No, but I loved my 4-5 grade class. The kids were older than Karen, but they were all working at this level. Many of them had learning disabilities. Like Karen's, it was a private school.

Leah C. (31)
I would appreciate if you could tell me the name of the actress who is pictured on your jacket cover of Here Today.

The actress's name is Jena Malone. You may have seen her in the movie "Stepmom".

Brian B. (14)
Do you read about sports, like baseball?

I'm not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy watching gymnastics and figure skating during the Olympics.

Miranda S. (12)
How did you come up with the idea to write Missing Since Monday?

I wanted to write a mystery and I was very interested in the issue of missing children.

Liz M. (12)
Do you know what year the BSC movie came out in?

The BSC movie "Friends Forever" was released in 1995.

T.J. T. (12)
Are you friends with any authors, such as Lemony Snickett?

While I don't know Lemony Snickett, some of my other author friends whose work you may have read are James Howe, Nikki Grimes, Brian Selznick, Karen Hess, Pam Ryan, and Virginia Euwer Wolff.

Zoey Z (9)
I sent a book in for you to sign. When the book came back there was not a letter and the book was not signed. What happened?

Every time I receive a book, I sign it and return it with a letter. Somehow, this book must not have gotten to me. If you would like me to sign a copy of your book, mail it to me along with a self-addressed return envelope and please include first-class postage on the envelope. Send to:
        Ann Martin
        c/o Scholastic Inc.
        555 Broadway
        New York, NY 10012-3999

Rose G. (11)
Do you actually READ fan letters?

I do read my fan mail because I've always enjoyed hearing what my readers have to say. I have help answering the letters since that can be quite time-consuming.

Katrina D. (11)
When you were little did you ever have an embarrassing nickname?

The only nickname I've ever had is "Annie."

Emily W. (10)
Did you ever write a story about Shannon's life as a babysitter?

I wrote about Shannon in a BSC Special Edition Readers' Request called Shannon's Story.

Jaya L. (13)
Why did you write Yours Turly, Shirley? It was the first book that I read from you.

I wanted to write this story because my sister Jane has dealt with dyslexia since childhood.

Britney M. (12)
When you were little did you read scary stories?

I LOVED reading scary stories. I started with mystery series such as Nancy Drew and the Bobbsey Twins. By the time I was in fourth grade, I had moved onto Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe. I still enjoy reading scary books today.

Sasha P. (15)
1) What is your favorite place in the world? 2) What kind of dog do you have and what is the thing you love most about her?

1) I love Maine because of its beautiful coastline, forests and towns. 2) My dog Sadie is of mixed breed, although I believer her father was a golden retriever. My favorite thing about Sadie is that she is so loving and affectionate.

Annie H. (11)
What are your parents' names?

My parents' names are Henry and Edie.

Logan L. (10)
What is Shannon's middle name?

Shannon's middle name is Louisa.

Tiffany M. (10)
What does gigundoly mean?

Gigundoly is one of Karen's favorite words. It means very as in a gigundoly happy day. Gigundo means big.

Crystal P. (11)
Did your family support you or try to talk you out of being a writer?

I come from a very creative family, and they have always supported me in my writing career. I very much appreciated this when I decided to become a freelance author and give up the security of a full-time job.

Careen M. (10)
My cat ran away. What should I do? I'm constantly crying.

First of all, I'm SO sorry! I'm sure you're getting good advice from family and friends, so I'll just add that it's important to get the word out. Put flyers up on street corners, in stores (don't forget to ask first) and in veterinary offices. Call all the animal shelters and rescue groups and give them a description of your cat. I'd also put an ad in your community paper under "Lost Pets." And hang in there - I've heard of stories where cats have been returned to their owners after very long separations!

Gabby V. (11)
Are your parents married or divorced?

My parents are happily married and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year.

Checarra R. (12)
Have you written any poems?

I don't write poetry, but two of my favorite poets are Robert Frost and Langston Hughes.

Diane G. (48)
I'm a mother of a three-year old and I want to start reading a series to her. What is a good age to start reading the BSC?

I'd say that your daughter is a little young for the BSC series right now, but there are definitely other series that would be more age-appropriate. You might want to try the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park, and the Amelia Bedelia books by Peggy Parish. Have you read the Mary Poppins or Paddington Bear books yet? I'm sure you would both enjoy these. Happy reading!

Amber C. (12)
What was your most embarrassing moment?

I honestly can't think of anything, so either nothing that embarrassing ever happened or I've successfully erased it from my memory!

Sarah T. (12)
When does Abby come in?

Abby is first introduced in BSC#87: Kristy and the Dirty Diapers.

Patricia A. (11)
I am interested in becoming a writer and I want to know what colleges do people who want to become writers attend?

You should probably talk to your guidance counselor about this, and discuss what kind of writing you are interested in. For instance, a person who wants to be a journalist might select a college with an excellent journalism department, while a person interested in writing fiction might choose a college that offered a great selection of creative writing courses.

Amy S. (10)
How many fan mail letters do you get each month and each year?

I don't receive as much fan mail now as I did when the BSC series was being published (when I'd get thousands and thousands of letters each year). The number is a lot more manageable now, and I love hearing what my readers have to say about my books.

Ann M. (11)
What were your weaknesses/strengths in school? Were you artistic, musical, or athletic?

I enjoyed writing, literature and English classes, and I also liked French and Spanish. Science and math were my least favorite subjects. I love arts and crafts and I've done needlework for most of my life. Although I don't play an instrument today, I listen to and appreciate many types of music. I don't think any of the kids in my gym classes would ever have called me an athlete!

Hannah S. (11)
I found that you have come to Oconomowoc Lake. I love in Oconomowoc. I thought that was so cool, do you come to Oconomowoc often?

When my mother was young, her family had a house on Oconomowoc Lake and she spent many of her childhood summers there. It was a very special place for her and she shared many happy memories of that time with us.

Blanca L. (10)
I'm writing a book report on The Doll People. I have found lots of information on you but have not been able to find anything on your co-author, Laura Godwin. Can you please tell me the date she was born, a couple of her hobbies and where she went to college? I know she writes under the name Nola Buck.

Laura Godwin was born in Alberta, Canada in 1956 and attended Calgary University. Her hobbies include photography and poetry. When she was an editor, she wrote some books under the name Nola Buck, but now she uses her real name for all her work. If you would like to contact her directly, write to her in care of the publisher of the specific book you have read.

Maddilyn G. (13)
When you were writing the books did you ever have a long break from writing?

No, I've never taken a long break from writing, but for many years now I've set up a schedule whereby I work for three months and then take one month off.

Alex B. (17)
My son, age 17, is doing a paper on your dad, Henry Martin. He is having a bit of trouble finding information. Could you help?

The best way for your son to research the themes in my father's work is to locate books of cartoon collections in your local library. Some suggestions are: Yak! Yak! Yak! Blah! Blah! Blah!; All Those in Favor; and Good News/Bad News. He might also want to look through cartoon compendiums, especially those featuring cartoons from The New Yorker, for more ideas.

Claire H. (18)
What did you like most about attending a women's college? Do you feel strongly about all-female education or do you think coed colleges prepare women better for the 'real world'?

While Smith College is an all-women's school, I chose to attend because of its incredible academic reputation. Smith is one of the Five Colleges (along with Mount Holyoke, Amherst, U-Mass, and Hampshire), and students - men and women - are free to attend classes at each of these campuses. The decision to attend a coed or all-female school is a personal one, and each student has to decide where she believes she will best thrive.

Antares W. (13)
I've heard many times that some of your regular BSC books have been ghost-written. Is this true?

After a certain point, several related series were being published at once, which meant about thirty to forty books needed to be written each year. Since there wasn't any way that I could manage this, my editors and I chose a small group of other writers to help out. I continued to outline and edit each book, so I had a hand in writing all of them. I estimate that I probably wrote half the books myself and had help on the other half.

Lisa D.
My daughter has juvenile diabetes and I was told there was a child in your series that has diabetes. What books, if any, deal with this issue?

Stacey McGill, one of the members of the BSC, has diabetes, and many of the stories in the series discuss this. Check out any of the books that have Stacey's name in the title.

Hannah B. (9)
Do you have a recommended list of discussion questions for The Doll People? We are in a mother/daughter book group and loved your book.

Unfortunately, as far as I know there isn't a list of discussion questions.

Jessica B. (15)
What happened to the Ann M. Martin foundation?

The Ann M. Martin Foundation is still in existence, The Foundation is currently not soliciting any new applications, but continues to support organizations benefiting children, literacy programs, and animal rescue groups.

Madison A. (13)
In the back of The Doll People, there is a page that shows you how to build the Funcraft Dream House and says you can buy these products. Is that just an article Grandma Katherine saw or can I really build and buy the Funcraft Dream House? Elizabeth H. (7) - My mom and I are reading The Doll People book. Do you know where we could find a doll house like the Doll People?

Brian Selznick, the illustrator of The Doll People books, did an incredible job creating the products in the doll catalogues. They're very realistic, but they are imaginary.

From: Ashley G. (age 13):
I am an aspiring writer/editor. Could you give me some tips for getting started?

Iím glad that you are interested in a career in writing. If you click on ďMore Letters from AnnĒ at the bottom of the current Ann Online entry, it will take you to many of the previous letters Iíve written. I think youíll find ďAnnís Top Ten Writing TipsĒ (5/01) very useful. Good luck with your writing!

From: Christy M. (age 18); Morgan M. (age 11), Karen X (age 11):
I'm a huge fan of your BCS stories. Is there a way I can read BSC or LS books on the Internet?

The BSC and LS books are only available in the traditional book form, but I imagine that some day we'll have the option of reading books online. (But I think I'm always going to prefer curling up with the real thing!)

From: Gamzegul Y. (11):
Why did you make only two books for P.S. Longer Letter Later and Snail Mail No More? Why didn't you continue it because they're GREAT! I love them. Keep up the great work!

As much as I loved working with Paula, we both felt that we had finished telling the story of Tara*Starr and Elizabeth. I'm glad you enjoyed them, and I'd love to have another opportunity to work with Paula again someday.

From: Rebecca T. (9):
Since you were 31 when you started writing the BSC books, how old were you when you stopped and how old are you now?

I'm forty-eight years old now, and I stopped writing the BSC books in 2000 when I was forty-four.

From: Lori G. (12); Sandy M. (10); Jessica T. (12):
What is the latest book you've written?

The Meanest Doll in the World, written with Laura Godwin and illustrated by Brian Selznick, was published last year. My new book, Here Today, will be published this fall.

From: Melody S. (13):
Which is the BSC book where Claudia breaks her leg?

In BSC #19, Claudia and the Bad Joke, Claudia breaks her leg when she falls off a swing with a broken chain.

From: Claire M. (8):
Where were you born?

I was born in Princeton, New Jersey, where I lived until I left for college when I was eighteen years old.

From: Jade B. (12); Priyali S. (11):
Why did you make most of the members' parents divorced in the BSC? Why do you write about divorces?

It's true that Kristy, Stacey, and Dawn come from divorced households, but Claudia, Mallory and Jessi do not. Mary Anne's father is a widower, and Abby's mother is a widow. I try to write about the different family situations that kids deal with, and having to split time between two parents and two houses is a reality for many of them today.

From: Rebecca T. (9):
If you could write one more BSC book, what would it be called?

I can't say that I have a particular title or story in mind, but if you ask my readers, I'm pretty sure that they will all say, "The BSC: Together Again."

From: Brandy B. (12):
What kind of education did you have?

I was graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts with a double major in education and psychology.

From: Shamari O. (12); Miranda S. (9); Katherina L. (10); Ashleigh Y. (12); Danielle M. (11); Denneisha D. (11); Tauna L. (13):
May I have your address so I can send you a letter?

You can write to me at:
        Ann Martin
        c/o Scholastic Inc.
        555 Broadway
        New York, NY 10012-3999

From: Julia P. (10):
Are you going to write a BSC reunion book?

As of now, there are no plans to write a book about a BSC reunion.

From: Erin H. (19):
The list on this website only has 131 BSC book and 76 LS books (not including super specials, mysteries, etc.) and in a previously answered question you said there were 145 BSC and 122 LS. Also, the site does not list the portrait collection or California Diaries. Can the website be updated? I'm trying to complete my collection. Thanks!

I'll pass along your request to the people who work on the website. Good luck with your collection!

From: Melissa P. (13):
How old were you when you first got books from the library?

I think my mother started taking my sister and me to the library as soon as we could walk! I got my first library card in kindergarten when I learned how to sign my name.

From: Ashley S. (11):
What is your mom's name?

My mother's name is Edith Matthews Martin. She's always been called Edie.

From: Jaimie M. (10):
Where does Abby come in the book series? Is it #96?

Abby Stevenson was introduced in BSC #90: Welcome to the BSC, Abby.

From: Tiffany G. (19):
When I was in high school, I read a book you had written. It was about a boy who was a TV star and he met an ordinary girl on the beach when they were on summer vacation.

The book you are referring to is called Just a Summer Romance, and it was published in 1987. In the story, Melanie Braderman is fourteen years old; she'd be thirty-one years old now!

From: Cee Cee C. (12); Keishia S. (10):
Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have a sister who is two years younger than I am (but several inches taller!).

From: Siew S. (12); Emily P. (13):
Do you have any good sites for information about your life? What is your biography?

There is some biographic information on this website. Also, you may want to try to find a copy of my biography, Ann M. Martin, by Margot Becker R. It was published in 1993, but it should still be helpful. If you have any specific questions, you can write to me in care of Scholastic, Inc., 555 Broadway, New York, New York, 10012.

From: Jennifer M, (13); Stacey M. (10):
Can I still join the BSC Fan Club?

I'm sorry, but the original BSC Fan Club is no longer in existence.

From: V.J.C. (12):
I want to buy the BSC books online. What site should I go to?

There are many online sites that sell books. You can try using Google or another search engine to type in the name of the book you want to buy. You'll probably get quite a few options.

From: Libby N. (9):
Where do you do book signings? Someplace in New York?

I'm planning on doing some book signings this fall when my new novel is published, although I am not yet sure of when or where they will take place. In the past, however, I have usually included bookstores in the New York area.

From: Sarah M. (12):
I was wondering when you were little and fell off a ladder and had to take your spleen out, do you have any side effects today?

People who have had their spleens removed are more prone to colds and infections, and they often tire easily. This certainly was the case with me for many years. However, as I get older I find that I'm actually less tired and less susceptible to illness than when I was younger. So that's good news!

From: Katelyn:
What is your dog's name?

My dog is named Sadie. She was six-years old in March.

From: Alyssa H. (11):
I really want to baby-sit. I have looked through books, the web and more. Can you help me?

My dog is named Sadie. She was six-years old in March.

From: Jamila M. (15):
Are Anna and Abby in the BSC books Jewish?

Yes, Abby and Anna Stevenson are Jewish. Have you read BSC #96: Abby's Lucky Thirteen? In it, Abby and Anna celebrate their Bat Mitzvah. I hope you enjoy it!

From: Allison W. (10):
Can I order books using the order forms found in the back of the paperback books?

These order forms in the Baby Sitters Club books are no longer valid. Many of these them are quite a few years old. It's possible that the books are no longer in print, and it's also very likely that the prices have changed. If you would like to inquire about a specific title, you can call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC and talk to a customer service representative.

From: Olivia D. (9):
I loved The Doll People and The Meanest Doll in the World. Are you going to make a new Doll People?

I'm glad that you enjoyed the books. You'll be happy to know that Laura Godwin, Brian Selznick and I have decided that there will definitely be a third book.

From: Elyse G, (9):
What is the name of the book where Dawn's mom and Mary Anne's dad get married?

Mary Anne's father and Dawn's mother get married in BSC #30: Mary Anne and the Great Romance.

From: Ada P. (10):
How come you don't like to cook?

I'm not really sure why I don't enjoy cooking because I like to eat! Growing up, I enjoyed sewing projects and reading more than experimenting in the kitchen. It's pretty much the same for me today!

From: Laquette B., (29):
What is the BSC book on Mother's Day surprise?

BSC #24 is called Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise.

From: Patrice K. (12):
I really want to read Cheaper by the Dozen before I see it in theatres. I can't find a copy anywhere. I am trying to read all of your books.

I wish I'd written Cheaper by the Dozen, but the real author is one of the grown-up children, Frank B. Gilbreth. You should be able to find a copy in your local library, at a new or used bookstore, or from an online source.

From: Ashley J. (10):
How long have you had your dog Sadie?

Sadie came to live with me in April of 1998, when she was a few weeks old. She just turned six.

From: Ashley J. (10):
In the picture on the screen, the dog you're holding is so cute. What is its name?

The picture is taken with my dog, Sadie. I'll pass along your compliment to her!

From: Shennil R. (13):
Who is Abby Stevenson? I read all of your books and none of them seemed to have this girl. What book is she in?

Abby Stevenson is introduced in BSC #90: Welcome to the BSC, Abby. She and her sister, Anna, move to Stoneybrook, where Abby soon becomes the newest member of the BSC.

From: Emma G. (9):
I'm doing a report on your Newbery Honor award for A Corner of the Universe. When did you find out that you won? How did you feel?

I found out about the award when a woman from the American Library Association called me at home at 7:30 in the morning to tell me the good news. It marked the beginning of one of the best days I've ever had. I received flowers, candy, telephone calls and congratulatory e-mails from so many nice people. A couple of months later, I had a wonderful time when I attended the Newbery awards ceremony in Toronto. So I guess you could say that winning a Newbery Honor is pretty cool!

From: Bekah D. (12):
How did you get the feel for the book Belle Teal?

I knew that I wanted to write a story that took place in my own childhood (the late 1950's and early 1960's). I was also interested in further developing a character I had originated in a short story, a ten-year old girl named Belle Teal. Belle Teal was different from anyone I had ever written about before, and she very much intrigued me. It was an interesting challenge for me to step out of that familiar time period to create a new character in a new setting. Once I found Belle Teal's voice, however, the writing process was very similar to that of my other books.

From: Stefanie D, (22):
Do you have any idea if your books are still published in Dutch in Belgium? I can't wait to read again the wonderful adventures of Gertie, Joke, Inge, Tine, Jessie, Betty and Petra (the Dutch names of your BSC club). Thanks!

I'm sorry that I don't know if the books are still being published in Belgium. An Internet search in Belgium would be the best way to research this. By the way, I've always liked the Dutch names for the BSC!

From: Isabelle H. (12); Brittany S. (12):
How were you able to relate to the feelings of an eleven-year old girl in A Corner of the Universe?

I was nine-years old, just a little younger than Hattie, when I learned that I had had an uncle who had died many years before I was born. Learning about his mental illness (which was very misunderstood at that time) and subsequent suicide inspired me to write this book.

From: Susan S.:
Your Doll People and its sequel are wildly popular at my library. Isn't it hard to write with another person? I think of writing as such a solitary activity.

You're correct when you say that writing is a solitary activity, but I think that's one of the reasons I've enjoyed those few times when I've had a chance to work with someone else. Collaborating offers a different set of challenges than individual writing, and I'd definitely want to do it again sometime.

From: Kasey C. (10); Becky D. (10):
I was wondering if you are going to write a sequel to Belle Teal? What happened to Big Boss and Little Boss?

I don't have any plans to write a sequel at this point, but I'm very flattered that you were caught up enough in the story to want to read more about the characters.

From: Cassandra B. (10):
Does your cat really take the phone off the hook?

I remember being puzzled as to why the phone was sometimes off the hook in my office. Then one day I came upon my cat, Mouse (who died several years ago), happily traipsing across the desk and sending the receiver flying. Mystery solved!

From: Kelly A:
What gave you the idea to write The Doll People?

My editor originally suggested the idea of a picture book about dolls. Then Laura Godwin (my co-author) and I started talking about a story with two different doll families, one old-fashioned and one new-fangled. That's how the Doll and Funcraft families came to be.

From: Kiera H. (12):
In one of your books there is a character who took ballet. Did you have take ballet?

Jessi is the ballet dancer in the BSC books. I took ballet when I was about five-years old and again when I was about eleven. I liked it a lot, but I don't think I was especially gifted!

From: Paige H. (14):
I am doing a report on Dr. Seuss. Did you read his books when you were growing up? Which was your favorite?

I loved all the Dr. Seuss books. My all-time favorite is Happy Birthday to You! It's a wonderful story about the joys of celebrating your birthday, and I still get a kick out of reading it today. In fact, it's one of my favorite gifts to give to my friends and relatives on their birthdays!

From: Meggy H. (9):
Did you ever read the Little House Series?

I read the set of Little House book that had belonged to my mother when she was a little girl. My mother had colored all the illustrations and put glasses on each of the characters!

From: Jacquie K. (12):
Did you base your BSC books on people you knew? I’m writing a fiction book and basing it on my friends. It’s 85 pages right now and I’m not finished!

Like you, Iíve based many of my characters on real people, especially on kids I used to know in school. But all of my characters, including the members of the BSC, are fictional.

From: Rebecca G. (11):
How many publishers did you go to until your got your first book published?

My first book, Bummer Summer, was rejected at the first two publishing houses it was sent to. But I was very lucky to find a wonderful editor who believed in it. With her help (and a lot of rewriting!), I became a published author and a professional writer!

From: Shakera P. (11):
I just want to say pleaseeeeeee keep on writing because I am trying to collect them all!

My best advice for anyone trying to find books is to check out your local libraries, the new and used-book stores in your area, and any online book selling sites. The school book clubs (Arrow for the BSC books and Lucky for the LS books) may also have the books you are looking for. Good luck!

From: Angel K. (11):
Can anyone write their own stories about what they think will happen to the BSC?

Legally speaking, writers always own their characters and the stories that they have created. This means that other writers cannot take on these characters as their own. However, itís possible that a creative writing teacher might give you an assignment to write about what you think will happen to a certain fictional character in the future. This can be a lot of fun because there are no wrong answers and lots of different ideas. But as an author, I think we have the most fun when we create our own characters out of our own imaginations.

From: Augustina R. (11); Tania Vera T. (12); and Carol H. (8):
Who is your favorite baby-sitter?

Kristy was, and still is, my favorite baby-sitter. She is based on my childhood best friend, Beth.

From: Karen T. (15):
Who is your least favorite baby-sitter?

I love all the BSC members! But I think you might be asking which baby-sitter is the least like me, and surprisingly, the answer is Kristy (my already-stated favorite baby-sitter!). Her personality is very different from mine, although I admire her. I based the character of Mary Anne on me.

From: Hannah S. (10); and Lorilei I. (12):
How would you feel if someone continued the baby-sitters club for you? Will you write another series about the BSC?

Thatís an interesting question. If Scholastic ever decided to publish a continuation of the series, I would definitely want to be involved. It would be great if the same group of writers who helped me with the BSC books could also participate. While there are no current plans to do this, never say never!

From: Emily S. (9):
Which is your favorite baby-sitters club book?

Now that Iíve finished the series, Iíd have to say I have two favorites, the first (Kristyís Great Idea) and the last (Graduation Day).

Katie P. (9):
I was wondering if you could write about Karen baby-sitting like Kristy does.

Iím sorry that I wonít be able to use these good ideas since no new BSC and LS books are being published.

From: Lilia V. (13):
I want to know how to contact Ann M. Martin.

You can write to me at:
        Ann Martin
        c/o Scholastic Inc.
        555 Broadway
        New York, NY 10012-3999

From: Jasmine S. (11):
How do I enter the BSC Fan Club? I’m a real big and true fan.

The BSC Fan Club ended shortly before the series ended. Iím sorry that you never got to be an ďofficialĒ fan, but I certainly appreciate your support!

From: Ashley G. (13):
I am an aspiring writer/editor. Could you give me some tips for getting started?

Iím glad that you are interested in a career in writing. I think youíll find ďAnnís Top Ten Writing TipsĒ (5/01) very useful. Good luck with your writing!

From: Sarah H.K. (11) and Nicole G. (10):
How come you are not writing any more books about Karen and Andrew?

Iím glad that you enjoyed these two series. I stopped writing the California Diaries and the LS books when I ended the BSC Series. I thought it was appropriate that their stories all end at the same time.

From: Lori S. (10); Alyssa L. (14); and Kathryn Marie B. (13):
How come you stopped writing the BSC books?

It was with mixed emotions that I realized that the time had come for the BSC members to graduate from middle school, and for me to explore new creative writing challenges. I love the projects Iíve taken on, but I admit that there are still times when I miss writing about the adventures of the baby-sitters!

From: Lauren F. (13):
Does CA Diaries only go up to Ducky 15? If so, please write another.

Yes, #15 is the last book in the CA Diaries series. As of now, there are no plans for any future titles to be published.

From: Dibarah M. (13): Could you tell me how I can buy CA Diaries using Bangladeshi money? Victoria S. (13) and Laura N. (11): Where can I get BSC books in the U.K.? Charmaine H. (13): I live in New Zealand. Where can I buy the books? Magda P. (11): I live in Australia. Where can I buy the BSC books?

I know it is difficult to find the books you want when you donít live in the country where they are published. My suggestion would be to go online and search book selling sites such as Good luck!

From: Kimmy H. (10); Belinda D. (10); Lindsey J. (9); Claudia H. (10); and Karen b. (10):
How many BSC books did you write? How many LS?

There are 145 BSC books and 122 LS books in print.

From: Kashay W. (11):
Is there any way I could meet the actors of the BSC movies or you?

I doubt this is possible, since the original actors in the BSC videos and motion picture are much older now and living in many different parts of the country doing other projects. As for me, I make very few personal appearances these days, but itís not out of the question that we could one day meet at a book signing!

From: Mara P. (11):
Why aren’t any of the BSC members really actually musical?

I thought about your question a lot, and I honestly could not come up with a very good answer! The arts are very important to me, and a big part of my life. I enjoy all kinds of music, and my absolute favorite event is a Broadway musical. So I guess I have no idea why I didnít create a musically-talented BSC member!

From: Jenna G. (12):
Could you send me some free books? I nearly have the whole collection, about 270.

Wow! Thatís a lot of books! Iím afraid I donít keep any extra copies of my books, but you may be able to find some in new and used-book stores. Good luck.

From: Christine T. (11):
Are you going to make a BSC book (or thinking about it) about 9/11?

Like everyone, I was deeply affected by the events of September 11th. At the moment, I have no plans to write about this tragic day. My most recent books (including the one I am working on now) are set in the 1960ís, with characters who are the age I was at that time.

From: Sarah-Louise F. (10):
I am one of your biggest fans. I live in Britain and am doing a project on famous people and I’ve chosen you. What was your favorite subject? Could you please tell me why math and English are so important and how they have helped you?

My favorite subject in school was English because I loved to write. I just didnít know at the time that it would become my profession! Though math was never a favorite subject of mine, I wanted to be good at it because life is easier when you know the basics and you donít have to whip out a calculator every time a problem comes up. My favorite hobby is sewing, and you wouldnít believe how much math comes into play with patterns and alterations. I also love making greeting cards for friends and family, which involves lots of measuring and calculating.

From: Samantha C. (11): Can you write a series about Jessi? Ashlee E. (11) and Rachna R. (11): Can you write a reunion book of the BSC club when they graduate from 12th grade? Amanda B. (14); Philly G. (12) and Sunnie Q. (15): Could you follow the baby-sitters into high school? Tracey G. (12): Will you write another book series about the BSC? I miss your books. You are the best writer. Carrie P. (12): Are there any plans to create a “final” book that reunites the BSC? Anna B. (13): Will you write a new book about the BSC reunion when they open the time capsule they made in the last book? Adele M. (11): Will you make any books about the BSC when they are grown up and married?

First of all, thanks so much for all your great ideas. For now, at least, there are no plans for a reunion book or a series that follows the baby-sitters through high school and college and adult life. But I understand your curiosity. Even I find myself wondering what the BSC members might be doing right now!

From: Samantha C. (11):
I’ve tried to make a bunch of clubs with my friends but they never stick! Do you have any suggestions for a club that I could have?

We would have been good friends, because I started lots of clubs that didnít stick, too! I think my friend, Beth, and I mostly loved thinking up ideas and making plans for our next ďgreatĒ club. Even if the club didnít actually happen, we had tons of fun. I recommend that you find friends who share a common interest or hobby (sewing, knitting, reading, gardening, drawing, acting, or exercising are some examples) and take it from there. Good luck!

From: Emma W. (9):
Could you please send me a profile about yourself and a biography of you for an author study at school?

Since I donít have your address, you can write to me via snail mail at:
        Ann Martin
         c/o Scholastic Inc.
         555 Broadway
         New York, NY 10012-3999
Thereís also some information on my webpage that may be helpful to you in the meantime.

From: Breanna S. (14):
What is that book called with the girl that can’t talk with talks with dolphins? My sister wants to read it but she forgot what it was called.

Iím not sure, but maybe the book you are referring to is Music of the Dolphins, by Karen Hesse. Itís about a young girl who is raised by dolphins after surviving a plane crash that kills her mother and brother. I hope your sister enjoys the book.

From: Elizabeth
I am one of your BIGGEST fans. I LOVE and collect all your books. I also love it that you love animals because so do I. I’ve even started an organization called AAAF with some of my friends (against animal abuse foundation). Do you have or are you going to write any books about animals? Do you have any pets?

Iíve written a childrenís book, Leo the Magnificat, that tells the story of a cat who lived in a church in Kentucky. I love cats and dogs, and youíll generally find that my characters are almost always pet owners. I live with my dog, Sadie, and my three cats, Woody, Gussie, and Willy.

From: Jo K. (13):
Are you going to make a movie out of the BSC books?

The Baby-sitters Club movie was released in 1995. I got to visit the set and consult on the script. It was so much fun! (In the movie, you get a chance to meet Kristyís dad!) You can also go to your local video stores and check out the BSC TV series that has been shown on HBO and The Disney Channel.

From: Nicole N. (13):
When did you start writing books?

I began working on my first book, Bummer Summer, when I was twenty-five years old. I didnít finish it for almost three years!

From: Amanda A. (9):
What gave you the idea to make a BSC club?

My editor, Jean Feiwel, came up with the idea for a book series about a group of girls who loved to baby-sit.

From: Agustina R. (11):
Where can I get all the stuff about the BSC? Dolls, videos, etc.?

The BSC merchandise has been discontinued, although I occasionally hear of fans who have been lucky to find a game or a doll at a toy store. Also, I know that eBay (the online auction site) is a good source for many hard-to-find items like these.

From: Dawn S. (10):
What is the reading level and age group of the babysitters forever friends series?

The BSC readers tend to range in age from about eight to twelve. But I know of six-year olds and even eighteen-year olds who enjoy the series!

From: Heather S. (13):
Will you write any other series like the BSC and LS books?

I loved writing the BSC series because itís always fun to write with continuing characters. With the right idea, and a less grueling schedule than I had with the BSC books, Iíd definitely consider doing a series again.

From: Michelle L. (12):
You’re one of my favorite authors of all time. Can you tell me if there are any new books by you out yet?

Since the series ended, Iíve written Belle Teal, The Doll People, and A Corner of the Universe. The sequel to The Doll People will published this fall, and Iím already at work on my newest book. (More about that in an upcoming Ann Online!)

From: Mel H. (18):
I have been reading your books since I was ten. I think you are very creative writer and I was wondering if you and Paula are going to make a third book about Tara*Starr and Elizabeth?

Paula and I donít have plans for another book about Tara*Starr and Elizabeth because we both feel that weíve finished telling their story. However, I loved working with Paula and weíd be happy to do another project together.

From: Nicster M. (8):
How come you didn’t put Shannon in Meet the BSC?

Shannon first appears in book #11: Kristy and the Snobs, and is an alternate officer in the BSC. If you want to find out more about Shannon, she appears in her own special edition called Shannonís Story.

From: Samantha C. (11):
Can I send you one of my half-finished books? I need some help in endings and I would like it from a real author.

I think itís a good idea to have someone critique your work. My writing schedule keeps me too busy to do this for my readers, but I suggest that you ask a favorite English teacher, a parent or a good friend to read what you have written and offer any suggestions.

From: Jessica L. (11):
Do you ever visit schools and do readings from your books?

My writing schedule keeps me very busy. Unfortunately, I very rarely visit schools, but occasionally I go on bookstore signings and sometimes I do readings then.

From: Jennifer C. (12):
How much should I charge my clients?

I canít answer that question for you because it varies depending on where you live and what your responsibilities are. I suggest you ask your friends what they charge, and perhaps a parent can ask other adults for you. Your clients should also tell you what they expect to pay.

From: Melanie V. (13):
What is the last book in the BSC series called?

The last book is called Graduation Day. I hope you get a chance to read it.

From: Caitlin R. (12):
I think your books are awesome! My friend Anna and I want to start a baby-sitting business. Could you give us some ideas on how to advertise?

Start by telling everyone you know that you are available. Your parentsí friends, your neighbors, and your teachers are good sources. You should also create a flyer to put up in appropriate places (libraries, doctorsí and dentistsí offices, health clubs). Be sure to get permission first.

From: Andrea W. (23):
Will the movie be coming out on DVD anytime soon?

As far as I know, the movie has only been released on VHS.

From: Hayley-Ann C. (11):
How old were you when you started writing the baby-sitters club?

I turned thirty-one when the first BSC book was published.

From: Nancie (age 12)
Can you add me as a new member of the BSC?

I'm afraid that won't be possible (as you probably already know if you've been reading all these questions) since the final book in the series has already been published.