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FAQ: Baby-sitting Tips

How can I start my own BSC?

Here are a few good ideas to help get you started: If there are enough members, decide who the officers will be. Collect dues (if necessary) to cover the cost of photocopying, business cards, and of course, snacks at your regular meetings.
Establish your fees. Find out from friends and neighbors what the local rates are. Keep good records. You will want to maintain a client list, keep an appointment book, and record all your earnings.
Advertise. Start by telling everyone you know that you are available. You should also create a flyer to put up in appropriate places (i.e., libraries, doctors', dentists' offices, health clubs). Be sure to get permission first. Good luck!

Did you belong to a BSC when you were younger?

I was never a member of a baby-sitting club, but my friend Beth and I started lots of clubs that were never as successful as the BSC!

How much should I charge my clients?

I can't answer that question for you, because it varies upon where you live and what your responsibilities are. I suggest you ask your friends what they charge, and perhaps a parent can ask another adult for you. Your clients should also tell you what they expect to pay.

Do you have some baby-sitting tips for me?

Absolutely! You can click on "Books" on my website, and then click on "the BSC series." You'll find great tips here. Here's a link that can get you there faster:

How old should you be to baby-sit?

A general guideline is that twelve-years-old is a good starting age for a baby-sitter. But first it's important to be prepared. As Kristy says, "Baby-sitting is a serious business." Call your local hospital or YMCA, or ask your school about a baby-sitting/first-aid course you can take. You can always start out by being a mother's helper, which will give you good experience without all of the responsibility. Good luck!