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Just Joking

Just Joking

Danny: Hey, Andy, I've been thinking, and you know what? I reckon we could have a lot of fun with a fire hose.

Andy: A fire hose?

Danny: Yeah! See those people in that park having a picnic?

Andy: Yes, I see them, but what have they got to do with a fire hose?

Danny: Well, if we had a fire hose, we could point it at them, turn it on, and they would all go flying everywhere!

Andy: Great idea, Danny!

Danny: Thanks.

Andy: Just one question.

Danny: What's that?

Andy: Why would we want to do that?

Danny: For FUN, of course! Just imagine it! All those drenched people rolling around in the wet grass, waving their arms and yelling, "Help! Help!," and trying to stand up! And you know what we would do then?

Andy: What?

Danny: We would just turn the hose up even harder and blast them all back down again!

Andy: That doesn't sound like much fun for them.

Danny: Well, no, but it would be fun for us. And don't forget—the pressure from the hose would be so strong it would blast everybody's clothes off, so they would all be sliding around on the grass in the nude!!!

Andy: But what if one of them had a cell phone and called the police?

Danny: But they couldn't because their cell phones would be full of water.

Andy: But what if somebody ELSE—who wasn't in the park—saw what we were doing and called the police and they came and surrounded us and got out their megaphones and started shouting, "PUT THE FIRE HOSE DOWN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE NOZZLE!"?

Danny: Then we would blast them—and their megaphones—up into the trees and their uniforms would fly off and they'd all end up nude like everybody else. It would be SO funny!

Andy: Yeah, but what if they sent a police helicopter as well?

Danny: Well, what do you think? We'd just blow their stupid police helicopter out into space and straight up into the sun.

Andy: Okay, but what if they called in the army and there were all these armored tanks coming at us? What then?

Danny: Blast them with the hose, of course.

Andy: Yeah, we could try, but you can't "blast" armored tanks away with nothing but a hose.

Danny: Yes, we can! It's a FIRE HOSE, remember?

Andy: I know, but they're ARMORED TANKS, remember?

Danny: Oh, didn't I tell you? It's an ARMORED TANK FIRE HOSE.

Andy: No, you didn't say that.

Danny: Well, it is.

Andy: That's good to know, but what if they brought in the fire brigade and about twenty trucks turned up? They would have twenty fire hoses and we would only have one, and even though it's an armored tank fire hose, it would still only be one fire hose against twenty.

Danny: I didn't think of that.

Andy: You really should have.

Danny: No, hang on! I've got it! I know what we'd do. We'd take the fire hose, sit on it, turn it on really hard, and blast ourselves right out of there. They'd NEVER catch us!

Andy: That's brilliant, Danny! You're really serious about this, aren't you?

Danny: You bet.

Andy: Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go get a fire hose!

Danny: Do you mean it?

Andy: Of course!

Danny: All right! You won't regret it, Andy. I promise. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY EVER!

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