Amulet Characters
Twelve-year-old daughter of Karen Hayes, Emily is a natural-born leader who hasn't been the same since witnessing her father's untimely death two years ago. With the help of her brother Navin, she hopes to use the Amulet to make sure her beloved mother doesn't experience the same fate.
The youngest in the Hayes family, Navin loves video games, robots, and seeing Emily laugh. He tries to be easygoing and optimistic so that his sister doesn't get too bogged down about things.
Known by his colleagues as the "brains" of the outfit, Miskit acted as Silas Charnon's right-hand robot for many years. He sees a lot of potential in Emily for being a stonekeeper, and makes sure that she's protected on her journey to save Karen.
A bit on the nervous side, Morrie has a talent for stating the obvious. Unlike Coglsey, however, Morrie has a great bedside manner, and the Charnon House crew couldn't live without him!
Another of Silas's helper robots, Cogsley is a mainstay of the Charnon crew. Miskit is known to have said of the rusty old bot: "Cogsley can be a real pain in the butt, but he's also the most honest, hard-working robot I know."
Karen is a kind-hearted single mom who just wants the best for her kids. Worried about how her husband's death has affected them, she decides it's best to make a fresh start in the quaint town of Norlen.
With eight legs, glowing eyes, and sticky tentacles, these nasty Elf King spies kidnap Karen Hayes in the hopes of seizing the Amulet for their leader.
He is Emily's great-grandfather and the previous owner of the mysterious Amulet. Emily grew up hearing stories about Silas's obsession with his work and his amazing inventions, but when they finally meet, it's not at all as she expected.
Bottle is a robot of few words, but lots of brawn. He spends most of his time following Cogsley around, but he's always there when you're in a fix.
A shadow in the darkness, Trellis is the cryptic young elf who wants Emily's power all for himself. He chases her through the underground caves of Alledia, all the way to the slopes of Gondoa Mountain, where he gets his first taste of the amulet's power.
A mysterious dark power, The Elf King threatens all life on Alledia.
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