2005 Award Winners
Intel and Scholastic Schools of Distinction Awards
Technology Innovation
Mabry Middle School

Mabry Middle School
Marietta, Ga.

School Statistics
Total Enrollment: 877
Type of School: Public
Location/Size of School: Urban Fringe School
Receive Free/Reduced Lunch: 5%
Student-Teacher Ratio: 28:1

Budding filmmakers may want to get their parents to pull up stakes and move to Marietta to enroll them in Mabry Middle School. Here, sixth through eighth graders can take home an “Oscar” for their work producing movies for the annual Mabry Film Festival, now going into its fifth year. The video project was developed to address many areas of higher-level thinking, according to Tim Tyson, the person who thought up the moviemaking and who has been Mabry principal for the past five years. These days, a local adman responsible for the 1982 “Coke Is It” commercials works with the kids to refine their key points, scriptwriting, and visual ideas.