2005 Award Winners
Intel and Scholastic Schools of Distinction Awards
Academic Achievement
El Magnet At Reagan Elementary, Odessa, Texas

El Magnet At Reagan Elementary
Odessa, Texas

School Statistics
Total Enrollment: 569
Type of School: Public
Location/Size of School: Midsize, City School
Receive Free/Reduced Lunch: 19%
Student-Teacher Ratio: 16:1

Nestled within a city that Reagan staff members say is known for “rednecks, roughnecks, and rowdy bars,” there’s an oasis of learning. Though Odessa, Texas, is below the national average for income and college-educated families, Reagan Magnet School has nonetheless led the state in scores on the rigorous Texas Assessment of Academic Skills. For example, in 2002 in all tests combined, Reagan had a 99.4 percent passing rate. In 2003 it had a 98.8 percent passing rate, and in spring 2004, 100 percent of its students passed TAKS reading, writing, and math.