Administr@tor Magazine
November/December 2008
Scholastic Administr@tor - November / December 2008 cover
  • Find The Money
    In these tight economic times, school budgets are taking the hit. Try these 16 strategies for bulking up your tech budget.
  • The Safe School
    Cameras? Metal detectors? The key to safety is school culture. A Pennsylvania school shares its success with restorative practices
  • No More Textbooks
    The technology is there to replace textbooks with digital learning platforms. Are schools ready?
  • Crew’s Cut
    The 2008 Superintendent of the Year still holds the title—but not the job. What his story tells about reforming urban school districts.
  • The Wave Comes In
    It’s been 25 years since the Apple II—a look at how far schools have come and what’s next.
  • Education News
    In the wake of the hurricane season, schools are still unprepared for natural disasters. Waging war on the dropout rate. A statewide chess program yields results.
  • Interview: New York City chancellor Joel Klein
    Klein takes bets on the next U.S. Secretary of Education.
  • Alexander Russo
    Public schools can’t solve the poverty problem and should stick to what they know.
  • Tech Tools
    The latest and greatest in document cameras and digital projectors; plus, the newest education and management software.
  • Tech Future: The Class of 2025
    Science fiction writer Vernor Vinge imagines the classroom of 2025.
  • Tech Favorites: Supplemental Math
    District leaders review the pluses and minuses of the latest systems.
  • PROFILE: Gwen Gross
    Meet Dr. Gwen Gross of California’s Irvine Unified School District.
  • Weigh-In: Winning Over the Board
    Superintendents share strategies for conveying their vision.
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