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Mathematics has always been one of the cornerstones of education's "three R's." With NCLB's emphasis on mathematics beginning in 2006, the time is ripe for new programs that incorporate practices with proven efficacy. Research about mathematics education, although not as advanced as reading research, does provide some direction that educators can apply to their schools. Learn more.

Introducing Math Concepts
Through Literature
Marylin BurnsMarilyn Burns, one of today's most respected mathematics educators, believes that using children's books to teach math skills benefits both teachers and students and dispels the myth that math is dull, unimaginative, and inaccessible. Learn more.

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Fact Fluency:
The Phonics of Mathematics
Just as phonics is a foundational skill for reading, research shows that automatic recall of math facts is essential for students to advance to and master higher mathematical reasoning. Researcher Dr. Ted Hasselbring explains why in this excerpt from his address at the Florida Education Technology Conference, 2005.

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read the research for yourself.

Developing Fluency in Math-Delayed Children


Technology and Math Instruction
Difficult-to-grasp fundamental concepts and tough-to-master core skills - like mathematical problem solving or interpreting graphs - can't be taught successfully just one way to all students. Software's just-in-time help and interactivity make abstract skills concrete. Students who need additional support receive in-depth, applied practice that goes beyond worksheets or textbook exercises. Students develop higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills as they apply their newly acquired understanding and skills to real-world scenarios. Technology offers teachers better choices to extend instruction to meet the needs of ALL students.

Dr. David Dockterman is chief academic officer of Tom Snyder Productions. Dr. Dockterman joined Tom Snyder Productions in 1982 while earning his Ed.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he is now a lecturer.

The Research Basis for Graphing and Data Analysis Software Tools to Support Instruction in Grades K–8

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