Administr@tor Magazine
June 2008
Scholastic Administr@tor - Feburary 2008 cover
  • Breaking In and Changing Grades
    How districts are fending off student hackers.
  • Generation IM
    Still blocking MySpace? New tools are convincing some districts that social networking doesn’t have to be the enemy.
  • Finland is #1
    And its success story might challenge your assumptions about education.
  • Relentless Rhee
    D.C. schools’ controversial new chancellor, Michelle Rhee, isn’t afraid to make waves.
  • Education News
    Gas prices crunch schools, civics goes online, the merits of full-time kindergarten, and more.
  • Interview: Toledo’s peer-review program founder
    Dal Lawrence has one goal: Weed out the bad teachers, bring in the new.
  • Alexander Russo
    John McCain’s education policy: reticently radical?
  • Tech Tools
    The best digital projectors for the classroom. Plus: the latest software reviews.
  • Tech Future: Second Life
    Cape Cod schools teach on a virtual “island.”
  • Hands-On Favorites: Parent Notification
    The inside track on the best automated ways to get parents in the loop.
  • Weigh-In: Crisis Watch
    Top admins discuss how they plan to take on the big issues of the coming year.
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