Administr@tor Magazine
February 2006
Scholastic Administr@tor - September / October 2008 cover
  • Is This the School of the Future?
    The leaders behind Microsoft’s School of the Future want to create the definitive 21st-century education laboratory. They’re taking notes so you can build one, too.
  • Miami Schools Feel the Heat
    Rudy Crew wanted it closed; a determined community fought him and won. Here’s how two principals are turning their high school from sob story to success.
  • How a School Revived a Town
    Midland’s online charter school has been a boon for education and the local Pennsylvania economy, while reaping benefits beyond anyone’s expectations.
  • New Tech Turns Teaching Into Theater
    Well-implemented products engage and entertain as they educate. Here’s how five schools are using presentation tools to keep kids motivated.
  • Plugged In
    Technology helps prevent Katrina students from falling behind; districts train their own; vo-tech goes high-tech; finding federal funding; and more.
  • In My Opinion: Why Video Games Are Good
    Don’t be so quick to condemn them. When educators and game developers work together, the results can challenge kids on their own terms.
  • Future Schools
    Central Iowa’s Project SEMI brings massive horsepower to science class with its 53-foot mobile laboratory.
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