Administr@tor Magazine
January 2006
Scholastic Administr@tor - September / October 2008 cover
  • 10 Innovative Ways to Improve PD
    These districts found ways to make professional development more efficient, effective, and, dare we say, engaging.
  • Before You Snip
    Don’t even think about taking your schools wireless until you read this.
    Learn how to avoid such pitfalls as money pits and security leaks.
  • Going for Distance
    Virtual education is not just for remote communities and homeschoolers.
    We profile three districts that have made online coursework an essential tool.
  • Plans to Rescue Students
    The superintendent of San Diego City Schools, Carl Cohn, knows it’s better to make friends than enemies. He gives us the details.
  • A Craving for Content
    Newport News (VA) Public Schools brings big data pipes into the classroom.
    Now all the district needs is the curricula to fill them.
  • Plugged In
    Getting girls into technology; data dos and don’ts; junket justifiers; and more.
  • In My Opinion: Get Your ROI
    Don’t scrimp on technology for special education. If you do, your district and your students will pay a big price.
  • Future Schools
    Bronxville (NY) Middle School is alive with the sound of student-composed music. Its new, high-tech lab for budding Beethovens is the reason why.
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