Distributing Our Products, Serving Our Customers

Scholastic mainly processes and fulfills our products and export orders through our National Service Organization (NSO), which is comprised of approximately 1,500 employees in two locations, with our primary warehouse and distribution facility located in Jefferson City, Missouri. There, the NSO team handles order fulfillment, customer service, packaging, and accounts receivable.

  • In a year, the NSO fulfills over 25 million orders and ships more than 200 million books and educational products.
  • There are 74 million children under the age of 18 in the U.S., and Scholastic ships more than two books for each child each year!
  • The average delivery point of our shipments is 900 miles away, which means we ship books about 5.8 billion miles a year. That’s enough to get to the sun and back 31 times!
  • To get all the cartons out the door, they have to travel a conveyer system that covers approximately 4.1 miles. The distance traveled by all the cartons in a school year is 3.25 million miles. That distance would circle the Earth 130 times, or go to the moon and back 7 times!
  • NSO Customer Service Representatives handle 3.4 million phone calls, process 11 million orders, and receive 500,000 emails annually.

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Last year, including Reading Club sales, Scholastic was the third-largest Internet bookseller in the world and one of the top 50 e-commerce sites.

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