New York, NY (October 8, 2007) -- Scholastic News® Edition 4, the award-winning classroom news magazine for fourth graders, is celebrating 50 years of success providing young students with relevant, thought-provoking news to help them understand current events and the world around them.   This mission is the same as it was when the magazine, originally called Explorer, launched in 1957.  Scholastic News Edition 4 is published by Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company. 
Scholastic News Edition 4 commemorates its 50th anniversary in the October 8th issue with a special cover story looking back at what fourth graders lives were like in 1957.  Students today who love to play video games and surf the Web might be surprised to learn that back then the most popular hobby for kids was stamp collecting! 
“It’s fun for our readers to see what kids learned in their classrooms fifty years ago,” said Scholastic News Edition 4 editor Stephanie Smith.  “The magazine has changed over the years, but Scholastic Classroom Magazine’s commitment to relevant, age-appropriate news coverage endures.”
Here’s a look back at some historic and interesting moments that were covered in Scholastic News Edition 4 through the years:

- Russia launches Sputnik I: Watchers in U.S. Track Man-made Moon (October 25, 1957)
- Lassie gets 7-year old co-star named “Timmy”: A New TV Star  (September 27, 1957)
- The United States becomes a little bigger: Hawaii, our 50th State (April 17, 1959)
- The Vietnam War escalates: The U.S. and the War in Viet Nam (November 16, 1967)
- Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their famous first steps: Man on the Moon (September 15, 1969)
- Gerald Ford becomes the first VP to become U.S. President without being elected to office: A Family Portrait (September 26, 1974)
- Get ready for the metric system!: Measure…with Pleasure (February 27, 1975)
- The Equal Rights Amendment and Americans with Disabilities Act bar discrimination against women and the disabled: Laws in the News (April 30, 1982)
- Former First Lady Nancy Reagan leads an anti-drug campaign: Kids Say No to Drugs (October 13, 1989)
- The Berlin Wall comes down: Germany Becomes One Country (December 7, 1990)
- Space exploration— and international cooperation— goes further: International Space Station About to Launch (September 21, 1998)
- The Supreme Court rules on the 2000 presidential election: One of the Closest Elections in America’s History (November 15, 2000)
- The attacks of September 11th shock the nation and the world: United We Stand, Americans and People Around the World Unite After Attack on U.S. (October 8, 2001)
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