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¡Hay Fiesta! There’s a Party!
Maya & Miguel will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Maya & Miguel’s “Latin Fun Fiesta”
In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Girls Scouts of USA Welcomes Maya as an Honorary Girl Scout

New York, NY (August 29, 2007) -- In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and the launch of their highly-anticipated fourth season, Maya & Miguel™ and Scholastic Media are declaring the month of October Maya & Miguel’s “Latin Fun Fiesta.”  There will be a host of activities on air and off air to support the brand.  Beginning on Monday, October 1st, a new episode of the returning hit series will premiere each day through October 10th on PBS KIDS GO! (check local listings), including: “The Wedding,” “The Big Fight,” “Good Luck Paco,” “House Divided,” and “I Love Maya.”
In addition, the adorable twins will be appearing throughout the country at JuntaHispana® - an event which celebrates the cultures, traditions, heritage and customs of 20 Spanish-speaking countries throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.
Hispanic Heritage Month will also mark the official collaboration between the Girl Scouts of USA and Scholastic Media’s Maya & Miguel. The Girl Scouts of USA have invited Maya to become an official member of the Girl Scouts.  To celebrate this occasion, Maya will be inducted into the Girl Scouts on September 29th at an event held at Scholastic in New York City.
“Four years ago, we launched the first animated series showcasing a Latino family to provide fun, heartwarming stories that appeal to all children, as well as cultural themes that Hispanic children can identify with,” said Deborah Forte, president of Scholastic Media, as well as creator and executive producer of the series. “Children across the country have developed an immediate connection to Maya & Miguel, making it a huge success. We are thrilled to bring fans new storylines featuring more of the fun-filled adventures they have come to love.”
"Maya is fun-loving, inquisitive and compassionate.  It’s only natural she would be a Girl Scout,” said Patricia Diaz Dennis, National Board Chair, Girl Scouts of the USA.  “We are delighted to welcome Maya to the Girl Scout family and thrilled to join her in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!"

New Episode Descriptions:
Rosa’s cousin, Angelina, has just gotten engaged!  As she shares her fantasy for the perfect wedding with the Santos family over dinner, the grim-faced groom arrives with some news: he has received a promotion that will take him out of the country.  Angelina is disappointed; she had wanted a wedding with her family, in town.  Maya proclaims that they can host the wedding at their house, and have everything ready in just two days!  Though stunned by this, Rosa and Santiago agree to help, and the countdown begins.  Abuela is baking Mexican wedding cookies for the reception; Santiago is playing guitar and singing; Rosa is sewing the dress; Miguel is giving the toast; and Maya has been given a great honor: to hold the 13 gold coins for the ceremony known as Las Arras.  As always seems to happen at weddings, many things start to go wrong.  Paco has eaten all the cookies for the reception; Santiago has lost his voice; and the wedding dress is mangled in a faulty sewing machine.  The Santos family is devastated… But Maya won’t let them lose heart and is determined to help them fix everything before the wedding.  It seems everything is going according to plan again until Maya realizes she has lost the gold coins for Las Arras!  Certain they were lost in the dough for the cookies, Maya and Miguel hop into action.  They break open or eat many of the baked cookies... to no avail.  At the ceremony, Maya tries to tell Angelina that she doesn't have the 13th coin... until Paco arrives, clutching the lost coin, and hands it off to Maya!  Angelina and Pedro are thrilled by their meaningful wedding, all thanks to Maya and family.
When Theo and Miguel have a big fight about a remote-controlled race car derby, Maya takes it upon herself to set things right between the two estranged friends.  But whatever she does only seems to make things worse.
After a couple of coincidences, the kids become convinced that Paco is a good luck charm.  At first it’s great fun, but soon Paco is in so much demand to give everyone good fortune that the poor parrot is getting worn out.
Tired of constantly bumping into each other, Maya and Miguel opt to split the apartment in half.  They run a piece of tape down the middle, and promise not to cross it under any circumstances.  Unfortunately for Maya, the bathroom is on Miguel’s side.  Unfortunately for Miguel, the umbrellas are on Maya’s side, and it’s raining.  Splitting the apartment turns out to be harder than they thought!  When they are forced to work together on a diorama for school, they enlist Tito’s help to move supplies back and forth between them, rather than cross the tape.  During the project-making, Paco ends up in a bucket of papier-mâché, and Maya and Miguel finally cross the tape barrier to save him.  In the end, they learn from Tito (an only child) what a gift it is to have a sibling.
Maya learns that the director Fabian’s new play at the Community Center has a 10-year-old girl as the lead.  Maya is determined to get the part… it’s perfect for her!  After all, she’s a 10-year-old girl!  She goes all out to convince Fabian that he should pick her, which he finally does.  Maya’s thrilled… until she learns that the main character sleeps through the whole play!  She switches gears, trying to get others to swap roles with her, but fails.  Finally, she decides that sleeping in a bed is not her idea of acting, and quits the play.  Rosa counsels her to see her commitments through, and a guilty Maya goes back to the auditorium, just in time to crawl into bed and be the “star” of the play.
For the second consecutive year, Scholastic Media’s adorable twins have been invited to participate in JuntaHispana®.  JuntaHispana® is a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration of the cultures, traditions, heritage, food, dance, music, art, customs and people of 20 Spanish speaking countries. This year, Maya and Miguel have teamed up with Maya’s Girl Scouts sisters and will travel to various cities throughout the country including Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Houston, to help children celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.  Children will have an opportunity to meet and take pictures with the lovable characters. 

The event schedule is:
9/23 – New York – Flushing Meadows Corona Park – Queens, NY
10/7 – Houston – Moody Park – Houston, TX
10/14 – Los Angeles – Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, CA
11/4 – Miami – Mia Landrin Amerlia Park – Miami, FL
In support of National Hispanic Heritage month, Maya & Miguel fans can visit to play “Paco’s Passport Party Game.” Kids can travel with Paco through a world of activities that celebrate the many ways Hispanic culture has had an impact on the United States.  Kids can earn stamps in their “passport” as they complete a series of games that introduce and explore Hispanic culture while having fun with Paco. A lesson plan around Hispanic Heritage Month will also be developed.
In addition to celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Maya and Miguel at the JuntaHispana® events, Girl Scouts will be participating in Hispanic Heritage Month events in a neighborhood near you.  Girls of all ages are encouraged to attend these events to join Maya and become Girl Scouts too!  Please visit for the most up-to-date event calendar.

The event schedule is:
8/26: White Plains, NY
9/12 – 9/15: San Antonio, TX
9/18: Milwaukee, WI
9/29 – 9/30: Houston, TX
10/6: Phoenix, AZ
Maya & Miguel, now in its fourth season, continues to be a top-rated show on PBS KIDS GO! and has established a powerful connection with its audience.  The series is designed to present culture and language learning as fun, relevant, and rewarding for all children, with a special emphasis on the Latino population. The goals of the series are to promote the value of a culturally diverse society and to support English language learners through the presentation of language in a natural context with a special emphasis on vocabulary.  Maya & Miguel is a broad-based Scholastic initiative comprised of television, print media, school and community outreach, dynamic Web sites at as well as, and a host of ancillary products including apparel, accessories and DVDs.  The TV series is underwritten by Chuck E. Cheese’s and funding is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and a Ready To Learn Cooperative Agreement from the U.S. Department of Education through the Public Broadcasting Service.
** Screener and Artwork available upon request***
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