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TV Twins Team Up to Celebrate “Día De Los Niños” and “Cinco De Maya”
in April and May

New York, NY (April 9, 2007) -- This spring, TV twins Maya and Miguel Santos – stars of the hit animated series Maya & Miguel™ on PBS KIDS GO!sm – are kicking off the season with several kid-friendly events to celebrate the traditions of their Hispanic culture and heritage.  The festivities begin with a national tour for “Día de los Niños” (“Children’s Day”), a week-long “Cinco de MAYA” television event on PBS KIDS GO! featuring an all-new episode of Maya & Miguel, and a fun-filled “Cinco de MAYA” event at the Scholastic Store in New York City.
Starting the weekend of April 28th, the Maya & Miguel™ costume characters will be making stops in 22 U.S. cities to celebrate “Día de los Niños”.  The twins will join children, families, teachers and others at community events that will celebrate all young Americans and honor the traditions of many cultures.  In addition to the character appearances, event activities will include book readings, Maya & Miguel episode screenings, arts and crafts, games and DVD giveaways.  City stops include: Fresno, CA; Eureka, CA; Indianapolis, IN; San Diego, CA; Miami, FL; Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; San Antonio, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Austin, TX; Carbondale, IL; Laredo, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Austin, MN; St. Paul MN; Salt Lake City, UT; Reno, NV; Mt. Pleasant, MI; College Station, TX; Evansville, IN; and Cookeville, TN.
On the small screen, the dynamic duo will give kids everywhere a reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or as Maya and Miguel prefer to call it – “Cinco de MAYA!”  Beginning on Monday, April 30th, a week-long television special of Maya-packed episodes of the hit series will air on PBS KIDS GO! (check local listings), including the premiere of an all-new episode, “Paging Dr. Maya,” on Friday, May 4th. 
While Maya and Miguel are searching with their Abuela Elena for treasures through her seemingly bottomless trunk of memories, they happen upon an old menu from her defunct restaurant “La Cocinita.”  She rhapsodizes dreamily about the menu – summoning magical, concoctions that can cure an ill-tempered grouch.  After a walk around the neighborhood, they see grumpiness and general disharmony everywhere, and Maya quickly decides that not only Abuela Elena, but the whole neighborhood is in need of a New Cocinita to bring happiness and harmony to everyone with the magic of the old recipes.  Enlisting her friends to be the kitchen and wait staff, Maya prepares for the big opening night over Miguel’s steady stream of protests and warnings.  Of course, Maya and her crew soon get in over their heads.
When Maya wants to add some oomph to her presentation about Mexico for school, she consults her Abuela Elena, who allows her to borrow a prized possession: a calavera, or skull made of sugar, that is used in the yearly Day of the Dead celebration. Maya promises to let nothing happen to this special calavera. Her presentation goes well, but Maya loses the calavera! After Theo, Maggie, Chrissy and Andy each share their fantastical ideas about how the lost calavera will make Abuela feel, Maya herself feels horrible. She promised her abuela that she wouldn't let anything happen to it! Then, as luck would have it, Maya discovers that she accidentally switched backpacks with another student, and the calavera is recovered. An excited Maya can't contain herself, and while jumping up and down, breaks the calavera!  Maya is determined not to let her abuela down, and goes to great lengths to have the calavera re-made. Unfortunately, this too is a disaster.  When Abuela is finally told the truth, Maya is surprised - Abuela is happy!  Not about the calavera, but about Maya's good grade on her presentation. And though Abuela misses the calavera, she thinks that rebuilding it together would make her even happier.
Maya wants to win an award offered to the student who donates the most books to a local book fair, so she collects every unwanted volume from her apartment, including some old cookbooks of Rosa’s.  The only problem is that Rosa has an old friend coming to visit, and she needs a favorite recipe from one of the books that Maya gave away.  Now Maya and Miguel have to get the book back before Rosa’s friend arrives.
Maya is sick about hearing how wonderful Lola’s grandmother is – she seems to do everything just perfectly.  Maya feels her own Abuela is pretty great and wants her to be recognized too.  So she happens to mention that Abuela used to be a movie star!  Now Maya has to prevent her friends and neighbors from discovering that Abuela’s acting career was limited to a supporting role in a high school play.
When a break from school comes, everyone looks forward to frittering away the days doing something fun and enjoyable. Maya’s idea of "fun and enjoyable" is helping people. She tries to volunteer at the Community Center bingo game, but ends up accidentally wreaking havoc. When one of the bingo players recommends Maya volunteer for his daughter, Dr. Dasgupta the veterinarian, Maya jumps at the chance. She has a special bond with animals, after all. But when Maya mis-hears a conversation Dr. Dasgupta is having, she mistakenly believes that Dr. Dasgupta is going out of business. Eager to help her favorite vet, Maya launches a campaign to draw more business to Dr. Dasgupta’s clinic… which works too well! Soon even elephants are lining up for treatment. Dr. Dasgupta is mortified… she wasn’t planning on going out of business; she was planning on going on vacation! Fortunately, it all works out in the end when Maya calls in Dr. Dasgupta’s father, who is also a veterinarian.
The twins wrap up their celebration with a one-of-a-kind “Cinco de MAYA” party at The Scholastic Store in New York City on Saturday May 5 at 3pm.  Maya & Miguel costume characters will be joined by NYC TV chef, Elsie Ramos, who will prepare kid-friendly treats from her latest book, Turkey Tacos and Arroz con Pollo.  The event will also feature a special screening of the all-new episode, “Paging Dr. Maya.”
Maya & Miguel, now in its third season, continues to be a top-rated show on PBS KIDS GO! and has established a powerful connection with its audience.  The series is designed to present culture and language learning as fun, relevant, and rewarding for all children, with a special emphasis on the Latino population. The goals of the series are to promote the value of a culturally diverse society and to support English language learners through the presentation of language in a natural context with a special emphasis on vocabulary.  Maya & Miguel is a broad-based Scholastic initiative comprised of television, print media, school and community outreach, dynamic Web sites at as well as, and a host of ancillary products including apparel, accessories and DVDs.  The TV series is underwritten by Chuck E. Cheese’s and funding is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and a Ready To Learn Cooperative Agreement from the U.S. Department of Education through the Public Broadcasting Service.
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