Tools and materials for librarians and media specialists, whose expertise enables kids to thrive in the classroom and at home.

Scholastic believes strongly in the important role school and public libraries play in our communities. We often say that they level the playing field—providing equal access to books and technology, as well as opportunities for learning. For students, they open the door to learning outside the classroom and beyond the school day.

In the rapidly changing world of the 21st Century, libraries are transforming into learning centers that go far beyond books. They're harnessing the power of digital tools to offer new ways of exploring the world. And Scholastic is meeting them where they are, providing the content they need in multiple formats to help serve students and patrons.

Through our division Scholastic Library Publishing, we offer curriculum-aligned and high-interest non-fiction from the Children’s Press® and Franklin Watts® imprints, and publish series that librarians know and trust: A Rookie Reader®, Rookie-Read About®, True Books, Cornerstones of Freedom and Enchantment of the World. SLP continues to offer libraries fiction from the various Scholastic imprints and Weston Woods® video storybooks as well. Our flagship product, the all-new Grolier Online™, continues to provide a wealth of nonfiction content and resources that go beyond the encyclopedia and help improve research skills and learning. Through new digital resources like TrueFlix® and BookFlix®, Scholastic Library Publishing is creating new ways to bring nonfiction content to life and giving families access to literacy-building tools that kids love.

Vast, Vetted, and Varied, Grolier Online is the most comprehensive source of nonfiction content targeted for grades 3 and up.

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TrueFlix leverages the award-winning True Books content to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process.

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Offering the finest in non-fiction for young adults, the imprint publishes nearly 100 titles per year, designed to inform, educate and entertain through a fascinating array of biographies, social studies, history and science books.

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Children's Press is recognized for highly successful, long-running non-fiction series for students in grades K–8, the imprint publishes nearly 250 titles a year, all of which correlate to core curriculum topics from preschool through middle school.

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Grolier Online

With the so many resources at your disposal, you can also GO Anywhere with Grolier Online! From the library, from the classroom, and with remote access from home, the limitless resources from Grolier Online are always at your fingertips!

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Supports the Common Core Standards with its featuring of multiple text types and a cross-curricular, non-fiction focus with a soft assessment feature.

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