Caribe Grolier

Caribe Grolier, Inc. was established in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1964 and became a subsidiary of Scholastic in 2000. In line with Scholastic's mission, Caribe Grolier's goal is to help parents and teachers support the educational development and well-being of children by offering a wide range of products both in Spanish and in English.

Our Channels

Caribe Grolier pursues its mission by reaching consumers through several channels: its traditional direct-to-consumer sales force, Scholastic Book Fairs® and Professional Development.

Caribe Grolier's direct-to-consumer sales force reaches every corner of the island to provide personalized support to parents at home by offering a range of Spanish-language encyclopedias, reference sets, children's books, and educational materials. This year Caribe Grolier launched operations in Dominican Republic opening a new office to support our direct-to-customer, Book Fair and educational sales force.

Through Scholastic Book Fairs, Caribe Grolier partners with schools to create exciting, motivational reading events that give students, teachers, and parents access to thousands of the best leisure reading and educational titles, while providing schools with a fund raising opportunity. Our book fairs feature a wide array of English titles including a selection of award-winning classics, nonfiction and seasonal titles as well as Spanish language versions of best-selling titles and original Spanish language works.


Caribe Grolier, Inc.- Puerto Rico

Darlene Vazquez

601 Del Parque Street, Suite 504
San Juan, PR 00909
Ph: (787) 724-2590 x 241 Fax: (787) 722-8311

Caribe Grolier, Inc.- Dominican Republic

Plaza Central, Ave. Winston Churchill
Esq. 27 de Febrero, Local D-125
1er.Nivel, Ensanche Piantinni
Ph: (809) 262-0800 / (809) 262-0900
Fax: (809 )262-0700

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