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In today's digital world, Scholastic aims to provide an outstanding online experience for our customers. In addition to our traditional methods of distributing our products, we're also online in ways that make it easy for our teacher and parent communities to access the content on which they depend. Scholastic offers kid-friendly, educational apps for mobile devices, and we are transitioning to digital distribution and ebooks for teachers, parents, and children.

Teachers and parents purchasing books through Scholastic Reading Club have the option of placing orders online. U.S. customers can also order from The Scholastic Store Online, where our books and products are easily searchable and at reasonable price points. Teachers have access to The Scholastic Teacher Store Online, which offers the best prices for classroom books and libraries, instructional programs and professional resources, and more—including the resources educators need as they align to the Common Core State Standards.

Available in fall 2014, Storia® School Edition will offer a collection of 2,000 books with approximately 250 titles at each grade level from pre-K through grade 6 for an annual subscription price beginning at $2,000 (based on school size). A family streaming version of Storia will be available through Scholastic Reading Club and Scholastic Book Fairs in 2015. The Storia streaming service will have the same great child-focused features as the prior version, which was available on various app platforms. Such features include access to some of the very best fiction, nonfiction and classic children’s titles that encourage kids to spend more time reading; tools for adults to track children’s time spent reading and their progress toward fluency and more challenging texts; and much more. The streaming version of Storia also provides easier access to the large collection of titles that children want to read again and again, and the ability for multiple users to access the ebooks simultaneously—features that are highly desirable for both our school and home customers.

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