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Our Ongoing Commitment to Educators, Students, and Families

A Message From Scholastic CEO Richard Robinson

Scholastic has a long-held partnership with educators and school leaders across the country—one we’re proud and honored to continue. As a new school year begins, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how thankful Scholastic is for the opportunity to support educators, students, and families in your community.

As I shared with you in an earlier letter, Scholastic recently sold its intervention programs, including READ 180, System 44, iRead, and MATH 180, to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. With that sale now complete, I would like to update you on the focus, capability, and exciting future of Scholastic Education—our ongoing education business which includes familiar programs such as Classroom Magazines and Guided Reading, as well as pre-K to 8 instructional literacy programs, supported by professional learning services, and digital subscription programs in reading and in the content areas.

Scholastic’s work in schools and districts is built around meeting the needs of students, educators, and families in their new reality—a world with more accountability, new standards, increasing importance of digital literacy, and the need for students to operate at higher levels of thinking and learning.

Every day, you make important decisions centered on the potential of each and every student. And your choice of partners to drive success for a whole district or whole child is a crucial one. Scholastic Education is prepared to help you and your students succeed.

You probably know the most familiar parts of Scholastic—support for school-based independent reading such as our classroom magazines, Reading Clubs, and Book Fairs, which we provide at the building level to most schools in America.

You may not be aware that Scholastic offers a unique set of customizable services which we call Comprehensive Literacy Solutions. Those solutions, all in support of student achievement, focus on research-based instructional reading and writing, including Guided and Leveled Reading, custom curriculum, and print and digital resources. Surrounding that core is a continuum of expert-led consulting services for professional learning and programs that engage families and communities, while providing the resources for independent reading I mentioned above. Further, we offer Learning Support services through Family and Community Engagement to boost children’s literacy and personal development beyond the classroom, and remove barriers to learning.

For 95 years, Scholastic has helped schools support reading and literacy as the pathway to learning and success for all children. We know you believe that too, and we know this looks different in every district, school building and pre-K classroom. Serving students and supporting achievement demands a personal and thoughtful approach to defining solutions. Whichever needs must be met to raise success in your school—instructional expertise, professional learning, family engagement or high-quality resources—we look forward to partnering with you.

As a former teacher, I personally understand the importance of your work and the need for urgency in supporting the literacy needs of all children.


Richard Robinson is the Chairman, President, and CEO of Scholastic Inc.