As educators, parents, and community members, we know that we need to prepare and engage today's students for the increasing technological demands of our 21st Century economy. To get young people excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and hone skills that will enable today's youth to be innovators of their century, Scholastic teamed up with the National Governors Association to create

At the middle school level, students today already are contemplating their future. Aiming to spark aspirations to become innovators, provides access to a world of innovation. Navigating this website, students gain an understanding of what innovation is, have the opportunity to become engaged in innovation and unearth professions and lifework that are aligned with their passions and curiosity.

The website features standards-based content to help young people understand the relevance of STEM in their lives now and encourages them to plan for their future. It provides a career pathway guide for students, helping them understand what they'll need to know and where in their state they can learn it.

Specifically, the site:

  • Imparts knowledge through content embedded in factoids, activities, and games
  • Tracks progress made on the path to becoming a future innovator
  • Communicates state initiatives and STEM offerings
  • Encourages young people to convey their own ides about innovation, and
  • Offers teachers informtion to augment and electrify their curricula