Read and Rise

Read and Rise

Literacy and Learning Achievement Gaps: Read and Rise/Leer da Poder

Empower Families, Cultivate Literacy, Enrich Communities

Family and community involvement is evermore critical to a child’s success in school, and ultimately to life in the 21st century. Read and Rise is a national literacy initiative created by Scholastic to bring families, schools and communities together to support children’s literacy development. The initiative’s overall goals are to:

  • Develop skills, attitudes and behaviors that support strong early literacy development
  • Raise awareness around the specific literacy needs of children from diverse backgrounds
  • Advance replicable “models” of literacy-rich communities
  • Highlight the positive role and influence of all cultures and traditions on literacy learning
  • Better prepare children for reading and learning

By providing research based, bilingual (English/Spanish) curricula and resource materials, Read and Rise empowers parents and other family members as their children’s first and most important teachers and role models while also providing caregivers, educators and other community members who work with families the resources and tools they need to help create literacy-rich environments for children.

Ensuring best practice has been—and continues to be—core to the development and implementation of Read and Rise. Key findings from the workshops that employed the methods and materials used in the new 2010 edition of Read and Rise for families and childcare providers include:

  • Parents learned that their home environment and community surroundings—as well as their own culture, language, and everyday activities—are valuable resources in helping their children to develop early literacy skills.
  • Parents were empowered to take on more purposeful roles in supporting their children’s literacy development by directly engaging their children in early literacy activities such as expanding their oral literacy development, reading to them, and teaching them new letters and words. They learned that they, too, have the power to act as teachers and that they are, in fact, their children’s first teachers.
  • The workshops allayed many parent' concerns around their use of their first language to promote and enrich their children’s literacy. (EDC 2007, 2009*.)

As part of the initial corporate investment, Scholastic provided in-kind trainings and materials that have helped reach and empower more than 2 million families in communities across the country. Read and Rise has since grown in response to the needs of diverse communities across the country. To support a greater number of families and communities, Scholastic has developed Read and Rise product extensions including a Family Fun-Time Book Fair as well as expanded curricula and a family take-home book collection. The company will continue its investment in the expansion and evaluation of the initiative by working with select non-profit organizations.

*Evaluations were conducted on implementation of the first edition of the program, formerly called Lee y serás