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As a partner to America's public schools for almost 90 years, Scholastic believes that the funding for education in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is good for schools and good for the country. Effective and efficient use of funds is a shared responsibility. To help school and district leaders nationwide to navigate this near-doubling of Title I and IDEA funding, Scholastic has developed an ARRA Information Portal, updated regularly as news about ARRA becomes available.

Scholastic Classroom and Community Group...

is a leading print and online publisher of children’s non-fiction and reference materials.Classroom Books

Scholastic Classroom Books

As the number one provider of classroom libraries, Scholastic helps schools compile classroom collections of high quality, award-winning books for every grade level, reading level, and multicultural background, including the Phyllis C. Hunter and the Marilyn Burns Math Classroom Library series.

Teaching Resources
The Teaching Resources group provides unparalleled instructional support to enhance the core curriculum. These resources cover a range of curriculum areas such as social studies, math and science, among others, for pre-K through 8th grade teachers. Two popular lines of professional books, Theory & Practice and Teaching Strategies, have become a trusted resource for educators across the country.

Scholastic Guided Reading Programs support comprehensive reading by integrating guided instruction, assessment, and independent practice into the classroom. The programs are an instructional approach that involves a teacher working with a small group of students who demonstrate similar reading behaviors and can all read similar levels of texts. The text is grade-level appropriate and with skillful support from teachers, offers challenges and opportunities for problem solving but allows for fluency and growth.

Scholastic Library Publishing...

includes products published under the prestigious imprints Grolier, Children’s Press®, Franklin Watts®, and Grolier Online®. In addition, the division sells Scholastic Trade books to the school library market. As advocates for learning, the Scholastic Library Publishing emphasizes the importance of libraries as a valuable resource to improve student achievement and positively affect yearly progress.

TrueFlix™ is the only online resource that leverages the award-winning True Books content to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process. All content Is whiteboard-ready with its collection of videos, texts, voice-over reading features and soft assessments.

Children’s Press®
Recognized for highly successful, long-running non-fiction series for students in grades K-8,  the imprint publishes nearly 250 titles a year, all of which correlate to core curriculum topics from preschool through middle school.

A Shark Pup Grows Up

Franklin Watts®
Offering the finest in non-fiction for young adults, the imprint publishes nearly 100 titles per year, designed to inform, educate and entertain through a fascinating array of biographies, social studies, history and science books.

Publishing multi-volume, curriculum-aligned reference sets as well as general encyclopedias for students as young as third grade, Grolier’s best-selling products include The New Book of Knowledge® and Encyclopedia Americana®, both of which are updated and revised annually. In addition, Grolier publishes over 75 reference sets covering topics relating to the curriculum, designed to help researchers of all ages.

Grolier Online
Grolier Kids

Grolier Online®
The definitive, fully integrated database collection and online research portal, offering age-appropriate learning environments and search results, Grolier Online version 2.0 which launched in June 2005 simplifies fact-finding for beginners and advanced users alike through Grolier Online Kids (for young students grades 3-5) and Grolier Online Passport (for older readers), providing more customized learning environments. The enhanced features also include a more powerful search environment, which enables users to search across all of the licensed databases, plus all global searches of web links, magazines, news features, stories and media.   Educator supports include lesson plans aligned to standards, debate topics from Grolier’s acclaimed Pro/Con series, and Teaching This Week’s News. Go to

Scholastic Classroom Magazines...

Reaches more than 22 million students each year! Scholastic is a leading publisher of educational classroom magazines with 28 curriculum-based, award-winning publications for grades PreK-12. Teachers rely on Scholastic Classroom Magazines for age-appropriate current events coverage and high-interest nonfiction, as well as to support and enhance instruction in science, reading and language arts, math, social studies, history, geography, world languages, and art. Free with their subscription to any title, teachers also receive a robust online supplement to their print magazines— including whiteboard-ready digital articles, videos, read-alouds, games, and skills sheets to print or project. The Scholastic classroom magazines’ News and Features page ( is a free resource offering a Top News Story of the day and select features from other classroom magazines and the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps.

A sampling of our 28 classroom magazines

Language Arts




Life Skills

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Early Childhood

Junior Scholastic
Junior Scholastic

Social Studies



Science World
Science World



Language Arts

Scholastic News
Scholastic News

Social Studies
Separate titles for Gr. 1–6

The New York Times Upfront

Social Studies

Scholastic Classroom Magazines Honors include:

  • Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress)
  • Golden Lamp and Distinguished Achievement Awards
  • Parents’ Choice Award
  • Recognized by the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS)

Each issue of the magazine includes a Teacher’s Edition, which provides guidance on how to best incorporate the magazines in the classroom. It’s packed with activities, lesson plans and reproducibles that help build students’ vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

Current Events Magazines Overview:
  • Scholastic News Interactive an exciting online supplement that brings the current issues of Scholastic News magazines to life in the classroom—is free to all Scholastic News subscribers. These complete digital editions are whiteboard-ready with features that help the 21st Century teacher engage all reading levels and types of learners – particularly auditory and visual learners. The interactive features include skill building worksheets, “anchor” videos for pre-reading activities to help prepare students for the content in the magazines, differentiated instruction for two reading levels, vocabulary pop-ups, read-alouds, graph and map pop-ups, and a digital archive of past articles and activities from the entire school year. Includes complete Spanish-language digital editions, videos, skills sheets, and games for editions 1, 2, and 3
  • new
  • Scholastic News (editions 1-2) Scholastic News® (grades 1-2) Weekly nonfiction magazine that provides students with fascinating visuals and on-level articles, and supports teachers with their most important objectives in reading, science and social studies. Includes Scholastic News Interactve digital supplement (
  • Scholastic News (editions 3-5/6)—Engaging current events magazines that inspire students to become dedicated readers, learners, and thinkers. In these high-interest weekly magazines, students learn about the world around them and their unique place in it—and get hooked on reading nonfiction to become lifelong learners and informed citizens. Includes Scholastic News Interactve digital supplement. (
  • Scholastic News English/Español (grade 1 and grades 2/3) is a free digital supplement to Scholastic News for grades 1, 2, and 3. Offered as part of Scholastic News Interactive, the magazine allows beginning ELL students to watch anchor videos, read articles and play games in their native language, and then with a click, get the same content in English.
  • Junior Scholastic® (grades 6-8). This bimonthly current events magazine provides social studies teachers with timely articles tying into the complete curriculum, including current events, global studies, geography, economics, American history, world history and government. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, videos, and pop-up maps, charts, and graphs. (
  • The New York Times UPFRONT®, published by Scholastic in partnership with The New York Times, is a newsmagazine for high school students with articles on domestic and international politics, government, technology, economics, history and law. The magazine provides a unique teen perspective on the news and gives students the information and background they need to discuss and debate current events. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, videos, and pop-up maps, charts, and graphs. (

Content area-specific classroom magazines for pre-K, elementary and secondary school levels include:

  • Clifford The Big Red Dog® (Pre-K) (Pre-K) — A unique magazine for pre-school that features Clifford the Big Red Dog. This child-friendly teaching tool is always developmentally appropriate as it focuses on preschool curriculum themes and supports early literacy. It includes giant-size issues for classroom teaching and little issues to go home in backpacks for a perfect home-school connection. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, videos, printables, and early-learning games. (
  • Let's Find Out® (Kindergarten) — A weekly science and social studies magazine that motivates children to read through exciting visuals and playful text, supports teacher’s thematic units, and reinforces early-reading and math skills. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, videos, printables, and early-learning games (
  • DynaMath® (grades 3-6) —Relevant, entertaining, and fun real-life math builds problem-solving and critical thinking skills; compelling high-interest articles and news stories help students relate important math concepts to their own lives. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, video lessons, and leveled skills sheets to print or project.(
  • Storyworks® (grades 3-6) — A language arts magazine that builds reading and writing skills using quality literature in a wide variety of genres and award-winning authors as models. Includes an online supplement with whiteboard-ready articles, videos, and skills sheets to print or project. (
  • SuperScience® • SuperScience® (grades 3-6) — (grades 3-6) — High-interest features, the latest science in the news stories, and hands-on activities teach basic science and technology concepts; articles cover the complete science curriculum, including life, earth, and physical sciences. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, videos, games, and skills sheets to print or project. (
  • Scholastic Action® (grades 6-12; reading Level grades 3-5) — Compelling, high-interest nonfiction and Readers Theater plays for teens, written at an accessible low reading level to help kids gain confidence and success in reading and writing. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, videos, games, leveled articles, read-alouds and skills sheets to print or project. (
  • Scholastic Scope® (grades 6-10) — A middle school language arts magazine that uses riveting content across genres to help build core language arts, reading and writing skills. Includes an online supplement with whiteboard-ready articles, videos, and skills sheets to print or project. (
  • Science World® • Science World® (grades 6-10) — (grades 6-10) — Compelling science features cover the complete science curriculum, including biology, earth and space science, chemistry, technology, and environmental science. the expanded Science in the News features bring the latest scientific discoveries to right to your classroom. Includes an online supplement with complete digital editions, videos, games, and skills sheets to print or project ( Ed Press Award winner.
  • Scholastic Math® (grades 6-9) Real-world math presented using celebrities, teen idols, sports, TV, and the latest math-related news stories to engage students with math concepts; practice tests and online issue skills review quizzes help students prepare for Standardized Tests.
  • Scholastic Choices® (grades 7-12) — High-interest teen topics and information students need to make informed personal decisions, with expanded coverage of health issues, plus nutrition, substance abuse prevention, family life, personal responsibility, and consumer economics.
  • Scholastic Art® (grades 7-12) — Inspires students as it integrates studio art with art history, and provides a balanced program of great artists and periods.
  • Scholastic Foreign Language Magazines, (grades 7-12) — Each monthly issue brings Spanish, French and German to life with articles on teen-interest topics, and builds speaking and listening skills. Titles include ¿Qué Tal?®, Ahora®, El Sol®, Allons-Y!(tm), Bonjour(tm), Ça Va?®, Chez Nous®, Das Rad®, Schuss® and Aktuell®.

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers (grades 1–2) are delightful paperbacks featuring age-appropriate text and color photography designed specifically for upper-emergent readers. Each book collection includes 6 copies each of 6 individual readers — that’s 36 books in all. Box sets include: Animals; Biographies; Space Science: Inner Solar System; and Space Science: Outer Solar System.

Under the guidance of Scholastic's award-winning team of editors, the Scholastic Kids Press Corps — a team of students ages 10-14 — report on current events, breaking news, politics, entertainment and sports events from their hometowns across the country. Their articles are published at Scholastic News Online and in Scholastic News® and Junior Scholastic® magazines.

Scholastic Classroom Magazines recently developed and launched Write It, the publishing site for student writers in grades 7-12. Write It features a range of interactive, instructional and motivational resources to encourage students to find their voice, develop their craft and publish their work. The site’s features support students and teachers throughout every step of the writing, editing and publishing process.

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