Board of Directors

Richard Robinson (E)
Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Scholastic Corporation

James W. Barge (A, N)
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Viacom Inc.

Marianne Caponnetto (H,S)
Independent Consultant and Strategic Advisor

John L. Davies (A,H,S)
Private Investor

Andrew S. Hedden (R)
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Scholastic Corporation

Mae C. Jemison (N,P,R)
President and Founder, The Jemison Group, Inc.

Peter M. Mayer (E,P,H,S)
President, The Overlook Press/Peter Mayer Publishers, Inc.

John G. McDonald (H,S)
The Stanford Investors Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Augustus K. Oliver (A,E,R)
Managing Member, Oliver Press Partners, LLC

Richard M. Spaulding (E,P,N,R)
Former Executive Vice President, Scholastic Corporation

Margaret A. Williams (P)
Partner, Griffin Williams LLC

Committee Membership
A: Audit Committee
E: Executive Committee
H: Human Resources and Compensation Committee
N: Nominating and Governance Committee
P: Strategic Planning Committee
R: Retirement Plan Committee
S: Stock Grant Committee