Meeting Common Core State Standards with curated, content-rich collections that build the knowledge base children need to succeed - one read-aloud at a time.

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Explore a Knowledge Quest! Guidebook

A Knowledge Quest! Collection is much more than just books. Each collection comes with a comprehensive guidebook filled with activities, vocabulary, and additional resources centered on a curricular theme.

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Each Guidebook Provides:

  • Summary of prior knowledge
  • Content objectives
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Read-aloud guides
  • Activity ideas
  • Supplemental book list
  • Reward certificate
  • List of collections for upcoming grades
Vocabulary Lists The guidebook provides word lists for each book to help you discuss and reinforce vocabulary while reading aloud.
Activity Bank Fun, cross-curricular activities that extend the learning of each collection’s content and help prepare children to meet both Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
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