Meeting Common Core State Standards with curated, content-rich collections that build the knowledge base children need to succeed - one read-aloud at a time.

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How Knowledge Quest! Helps You Meet Standards

Content and Language Arts Together!

Common Core calls for the coherent and systematic building of knowledge by integrating content into language arts.

Knowledge Quest! makes it simple to meet this requirement with rich, engaging science content that builds from PreK to grade 4.

With activities that target the content and Common Core skills built right in, it’s your ideal vehicle for reaching the standards.

Easy to Use

The beauty of a read-aloud program is that children can absorb content and vocabulary without struggling to decode words.

The robust guidebooks provide repeated opportunities to hear, think about, and discuss each new topic.

Builds Vocabulary and Knowledge

The Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud program exposes children to rich vocabulary and a range of topical content.

The collections also build systematically across grade levels (toddlers to grade 4) and within each grade level, gradually increasing in complexity in its text and content coverage.

CCSS Exemplar Text

Meeting Common Core State Standards Together

The goal of Common Core is to build college and career readiness–and that needs to start early.

Success with Common Core depends on parents, teachers, and schools working together to further children's education.

Effective teaching means taking an integrated approach to content and skills while keeping the fun in learning.

Why the Guidebooks Are Important

Common Core skills cannot be taught in isolation. Knowledge Quest! guidebook activities connect content with the standards to maximize instruction.

Each guidebook contains:

  • Vocabulary lists recommending words to teach and use in discussion
  • A bank of CCSS-aligned activities tied
    to the read-aloud content
  • A list of supplementary read-alouds and
    that reinforce content
  • Read-aloud guides to help you build lesson plans
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