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Here's what we caught in our web this month!

Hey R.L. Stine! I'm your biggest fan! I have more then 100 of your books. My brother also collects your books. My favorites are, Night of the Living Dummy, Shocker on Shock Street (I could read that every day) and The Phantom of the auditorium. Because of your books, I get A+s in school. By the way, I love your website!
- Katelyn

Question I absolutely love your books! I am in junior high and I still read them. If you still make them, can you make a long one? Not super long like Harry Potter. Because I can read the books fast! My record speed is 45 minutes. My brother really likes your books too, but he's only in 2nd grade so he doesn't read as fast.
- Kelsey

Dear Goosebumps, how did you think of the Goosebumps movie series? And I LOVED all of the scariness in your movies! I wonder what your favorite movie of the series is.
- Emily

Question I really really really like GOOSEBUMPS. I probably have over 30 books. I wish I got THE BLOB THAT ATE EVERYTHING, HOW I GOT MY SHRUNKEN HEAD, and THE HAUNTED CAR. I liked ONE DAY AT HORROR LAND. I wish I could see the movies. I have the GOOSEBUMPS pillow, blanket, books, and posters. I have always wanted to write a GOOSEBUMPS story, but I can't think of any. I wish I were R.L. STINE'S partner. I really do.
- David

I'm a collector from Argentina, and it's a pleasure to me to visit your web page. I've got a lot of books and I'm recording the episodes, which FOX KIDS shows. Goosebumps is great! Keep it that way, friends!
- Bruno

Question I love Goosebumps. You want to know why? When I was in kindergarten, I watched an episode without knowing it was Goosebumps. I think it was The Shocker on Shock Street. And I was only 5 years old! When it came to credits, I saw the words GOOSEBUMPS. So I thought, "Give me more!" And I saw the first 7 videos (thanks to the library). Most of my friends have liked Groosebumps. I love Cuckoo Clock of Doom, and plenty more.
- Clarence
Dear Groosebumps site, I think you should have images, news, and new games every month. Also ideas for everyday fun that will give us a chill down our spines while also having a good time. For example: ideas for parties, for food, and for games about anything scary.
- Nicole
Wuzzup. I just started to read your books this morning. They're great. Right now I'm reading Calling All Creeps, which is cool. While I read the book, I can picture everything in my head like a movie. I have to admit they're pretty scary, and so is this website. The website is awesome too. I'm going to try to collect all your books. I'm also starting Goosebumps club in my class at school. I give students that want to join questions. If they get all 8 of them right, they're in the club. It's during recess, and it's about Goosebumps. We will have quizzes, games, and read Goosebumps books. I didn't like reading until I read Goosebumps. So, peace out.
- Zachary

Question I like Goosebumps movies, but I feel sad because I don't know where to find them. There's only one video store around here and they only have 3 movies I've already seen. Is there anywhere on the Internet we can order these from?
- Kevin
R.L. Stine, you should make an indoor Goosebumps theme park that has creepy rides and a theater to watch Bride of the Living Dummy in 3-D.
- Adam
Dear Goosebumps, as a suggestion I think Goosebumps is a little too scary. Maybe you should not put blood and other really scary things in your books! Then maybe more people would read Goosebumps. I am even too afraid to read Goosebumps at night! (I did do that once.)
- Kate
I just simply love Goosebumps. Like my elders say, I talk, walk, sit, sleep, eat and drink in a Goosebumps manner. By the way, thanks a lot for providing this awesome site for your fans. All my cousins and friends are not just your fans... they are actually air conditioners! Sorry for this, but I just had a fight about your book Headless Halloween the previous week in my school library. It was about "who will borrow it?" Mr. R.L Stine, you've done a great job by creeping out our minds through your amazing additions of the Goosebumps series. If you don't mind, I have a suggestion. Why not start a contest by giving a title and letting us write a story on it? This way, you can examine the way you've made our brains to crawl. Moreover, if you don't mind, the creepiest story might also be viewed on the web site each month. Please let the liquid in our pens flow for you! Three cheers for R.L Stine and his novels, HIP HIP HURRAY! HIP HIP HURRAY! HIP HIP HURRAY!
- Hiba
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